About Parhai Likhai – پڑھائی لکھائی


The name Parhai Likhai just clicked from the very beginning. It was extremely simple, yet it felt integral. It really captured the essence of what needed to be accomplished.

Parhai Likhai is a very basic yet important concept in how we proceed through life. One of the things we hear most as children are the words/phrases parho, study, go read etc. And while it seems very boring at that age, it is often sold to us as one of the keys to success.

As we move from our student lives to the “real world”, this daily exercise comes to a halt. Our work takes over, and parhna likhna just becomes a difficult thing to do. It is highly ironic though because after years of education and training when we finally reach a point where we have the absolute freedom to learn anything and everything in the world, “real life” comes knocking.

The truth, however, is that our work lives and activities like parhna likhna do not have to be mutually exclusive. We must constantly educate ourselves, enrich ourselves, learn new things and this translates to all spheres of our lives, including our work. It becomes important to take this integral concept of parhna likhna, which we used to do out of necessity, and start searching for things that we personally find meaningful. Education does not have to stop at graduation. There’s so much to learn, and so much to do that it is an injustice with ourselves to throw away this integral concept of parhai likhai.

Read something. Find meaning in it, because it is there, waiting for you.

Parhai Likhai focuses on Pakistani literature for now, because our generation has left so much unread in that domain. It feels like opening your inbox and finding thousands of emails waiting for you, and guess what, they are all important. Each of them has something to offer. You could sign out, but then it would be your loss. It would be a loss to those around you, for it is our responsibility to convey all that we learn to those around us, and to those who will come after us.

Read something and be inspired.

Read something, and write, so that you can become a bridge to the great treasures of our literary culture.

Read something, and write, so that, one day you become the inspiration.

Parhai Likhai is about trying to find content from our past that holds meaning and value, yet is being forgotten as I write this. One reason is that we have abandoned our libraries, our sources of knowledge. The other is that we have also begun to forget, perhaps even look down upon our language, which in this context is Urdu. If you were to think of books as vessels of ideas then language is the key which helps you unlock those vessels. However, if your language is lost then those ideas are as good as gone. This is the dilemma we face today. Some of us might want to go and find those ideas yet we’re losing the language that would allow us to do so. That’s probably why, Parhai Likhai is also focused on translating that content. At the end of the day, it’s about preservation of those ideas from history. Why is this important? Because when we fail to recognize the depth of our intellectual history, we end up with a constant sense of insecurity and inferiority. We look to others for answers with the assumption that we have never known anything so might as well ask others. 

Parhai Likhai is also about building a future that we can truly call our own. What that means is that there’s nothing wrong in looking towards everyone else in the world, as long as you recognize what you’re also bringing to the table from your past. Once those two things are in balance only then can we strive towards a future that we can call our own as opposed to constantly taking solutions from the rest of the world and then wondering why they don’t work for us. People can always tell you what works for them but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to figure out what might work for you and it is difficult to accomplish that without understanding yourself.

Recognize the depth of your intellectual history to build a future that you can truly call your own.


The Blog

The starting point of this website was the blog. Yes, it’s designed more like an e-commerce bookstore now, and the purpose over there is to ensure that people can buy books easily. When we started we didn’t quite know how to connect people to the books that we loved so the store helps us do that. However, it all began with the blog. Check out the first post here to get a sense of the thought process at the beginning.

The Treasures Forgotten

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