One of the things that we have been trying to do at Parhai Likhai is to make sure that it is easy for readers to explore new literature and one of the best ways to do this is by seeing what other readers are saying! So here is your dose of weekly reviews. Featuring 3 fantastic reviewers this time as well komal_bibliomaniac thegirlwithherreadinglist__ & amm_c_larki

Komal Hashmi gave Baagh by Abdullah hussain a rating of 5 stars!


Book Review: I remember reading Baagh by Abdullah Hussein three years back & how it left me extremely sad & melancholic as the vivid descriptions in this novel kind of grows on you. The sadness, despair & longing not only fascinate the readers but also crawls into their heart & mind. Finished re-reading it today & it had the similar haunting effect. Abdullah Hussein deserves all the appreciation for his contribution to Urdu literature. It is a story of strange love, obsession, strong desires, living with an ailment, questioning everything & trying to make sense of life. It is also about getting caught for alleged murder, the horrible police torture & the army recruiting people as spies (highlighting Kashmir struggle without naming names). Bagh (باگھ) is about Asad who is obsessed with an idea of hunting a tiger/ leopard, a kind of person whose mind is constantly trying to join the dots of things happening in the world & in his life. He ponders on everything philosophically & is suffering from a breathing disease that takes him to a Hakim (حکیم) in Gumshad. This is where he falls in love with Yasmeen (hakim’s daughter) & I simply love how they call each other اسدی & یاس. Their love story is not your typical one but it is an unexpected rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will have to read the book to better understand the events that unfold one after another when a tragedy strikes & their lives are turned upside down. The days in jail with horrendous torture & humiliation by the Police & how the intelligence works in recruiting boys for sending them across the border will keep you hooked. It discusses various intense themes like secrets & unforgettable memories from the past that shape one’s future, village life, the intimate & naked truths of a relationship between a man & a woman, the powerful love that keeps you sane in the most difficult situations, the point in life when you realize that your lifelong obsession cannot be fulfilled & the emptiness that follows; all of this & so much more is written in such an eloquent & intricate manner that you can’t help but fall in love with it. The ending will leave you in awe.

thegirlwithherreadinglist__ gave Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia 5 stars!

raja gidh

Today Lets talk about the Legend of Urdu writing No one other than Bano Qudsia. I’ve heard so much praising about her books, So this is my first book of her. Book Review_📖 . Bano Qudsia has wrote this novel at the concept of Halaal & Haram, & Ishq-e-lahasil. The Gidh is the urdu word for vulture & Raja means The king. The name anticipates the kingdom of vultures. Vultures used to eat carcasses of dead animals & because of there feeding ‘haraam’ not only they but their upcoming generations suffered. She gave this perspective relating to vultures if you get involved in something forbidden from God you’ll lost your peace of mind, on quoting this as a serious ethical, social or religious issue. Synopsis: The story begins at the Govt Collage Lahore with Seemi Shah, Aftab & the story narrator Qayyuum, attending the MA sociology class. Seemi Shah was a modern independent girl by whom not only most of the boys are attracted but even their Sociology professor was charmed by her existence. Seemi falls in love with her class fellow Aftab who was related from a Kashmiri family. When she demands for marriage the guy denied her to telling that his family would never ever gave him the authority to getting married outside. . Plot: So the long story of separation was started from there. When Aftab has left Seemi & was getting married with his cousin. After this incident Seemi totally back off from her life & studies, Qayyuum tried so hard to console her grief, but failed. When he gets involved doing sin, from this part Qayyuum took himself into a wrong path for walking in run of ‘lahasil’ & ‘haraam’. It portraits the reasons of his dis satisfied & catastrophic life. . Bano Qudsia has completely mesmerised me with this masterpiece. The journey of being lost to find your self isn’t so easy, there are so many things defined in book. When you consume haraam’ which consequences you’ve to face, How to not act sin’ after being betrayed by someone. How to Deal with depression, anxiety. These are the common problems with people living in this society. This book is worth reading. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

amm_c_larki gave Guldaan by Ismat Chughtai 5 out of 5!


I get this book from @parhlikh and their services are extremely good. There is one question in everyone’s mind that why #parhlikh , there are many other bookstores , The only reason is that , they are not only selling books but Actually they promote our culture, specially urdu literature, they Reborn the love of books. They have both English and urdu literature with very low prices Now come to the book “Guldan written by Ismat Chughtai ” To be a female, Muslim Indian writer is to be burdened by a triptych of prejudices; colonialism, patriarchy and zealotry. Yet, rather than be weighed down by this load, Chughtai’s prose soars majestically above the cultural cliches and convolutions. In “Guldan” her story “Zahir ka Piyala” is best one from all stories. I can’t sleep properly after reading that . In story , a poor women works in rich family to fulfil needs. She has to nursing , take care of little girl , while lactation to little girl , She has no milk for her own son . As time passes litte Girl become Healthier and her own son become too weak due to insufficient milk syndrome , which causes His death . This story placed you in shocked position, Writer do her best to describing even little details. There are many other interesting stories in “Guldan” If you wana read realistic stuff , you must have “Guldan” in your hands and Trust me you never get disappointed. Jazakillah

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