Sad was the day when Islam was hijacked from the hearts of a common man and became the property of mullahs preaching, decimating its true spirit. When people were bullied into thinking that they needed a mediator to find God rather than seeking Him in their hearts, in their souls; when piety became the definition of one man’s understanding of it rather than each man’s relationship with the Almighty, that was the day we limited the benevolence of the Omnipotent and committed the ancient sin of arrogance. Allama Iqbal’s interpretation and reproduction of Islamic literature is fascinating in its ability to challenge the stereotype and give new dimensions to religious philosophy. Following is an example of his remarkable ability to create dialogue between good and evil representing Gabriel’s devotion and Satan’s arrogance respectively.



Gabriel:       “Old Friend, how is the world of senses (color and smell)”

Satan:         “Burning and suffering, pain and scars, seeking and longing”

Gabriel:      “You are talked about all the time in the celestial spheres

Is it not possible that your ripped garment be mended somehow”

Satan:          ”Alas O Gabriel! You are unaware of this enigma

The breaking of my carafe has intoxicated me

It is not possible, not possible for me to live here anymore

How silent is this world of no houses and no streets

Whose hopelessness warms the heart of the Universe

Is hope better for him or despair”

Gabriel:       “Your refusal cost you your exalted position

What honor was left of angels in the eyes of God?”

Satan:           “My boldness makes this handful of dust rise up

My mischief weaves the garment of reason

You watch from ashore the clash of good and evil

Who endures the buffets of the storm – me or you?

Khizer is also helpless, Ilyaas is also helpless

My storms rage in streams in rivers in oceans

If ever you find yourself alone with God, ask Him

Whose blood colored the saga of Man

I rankle in God’s heart like a thorn

All you say is “He is God, He is God, He is God”


(Post by Mariam Habib)

(Photo by Alexander S. Kunz on Unsplash)