There’s too much noise nowadays. Everywhere you look, there’s something happening that will make you wonder what everything has come to. I am not trying to say that everything is in a terrible state of affairs, but the balance of good and bad things happening around us is way off. In such circumstances, often it becomes the easiest thing to just tune everything out, to bury the remains of your hearing.

I, however, sincerely hope that it has not come to that. And that we still have it in us to not only hear the noise, but actually do something about it.




Yeh maana

Keh tum ne goli ki awaz sun ker kaha tha

Keh goli chali hai

Magar mein

Chatakhti hui haddiyon

Aur ubaltay hue khoon keh shor mein

Goli chalne ki awaz sunnay se pehlay hi

Apni samaaut ki mayyat ko dafnaa chuka tha

April 1977




I agree

That you heard the shot and said

A bullet has been fired

But I,

In the noise of crackling bones

And boiling blood,

Before I could even hear the bullet being fired,

Had already buried the remains of my hearing