Butterfly Log: Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan

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This fantastic book, ‘Butterfly Log: Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan’ constitutes a major contribution towards the advancement of our knowledge of butterflies In the Margallas and Pakistan. It Includes 146 species of butterflies, 28 species new to the Margallas, with 6 of those species new to Pakistan. This exceptional product is an important document for all the reasons discussed above. It provides interested people with a basic understanding of the Margallas’ rich butterfly life and serves as an Invaluable reference tool for students, researchers and scientists.

The Margalla Hills National Park is a great place for butterflies in Pakistan. The area is blessed with these beautiful and colourful flying creatures. They are Important Indicators of a healthy environment and where they flourish, nature Is thriving. They are also especially sensitive to climate change. Butterflies are dependent most particularly on plants, and as human encroachment compromises their environment, many butterfly species are struggling to survive.

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