G. W. Leitner (1840 – 1899)


During his 22 year stay in Lahore, Leitner rendered valuable services not only as the first Principal of Government College (1864), the founder of the University Oriental College (1870) and the first Registrar of the Punjab University (1882) but also laid the foundation of English (Editor of Indian Public Opinion, continued as Civil and Military Gazette), Arabic (Akhbar Shifa’ as-Sudur 18778-1885) and Urdu (Akhbar, Anjuman-i-Punjab 1865 etc.) journalism. Besides, he substantially contributed as an Orientalist scholar, linguist, educationist, and litterateur. Above all, he took practical measures for promoting the friendly dialogue among the followers of religions, esp. Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism and founded an Oriental Institute in Woking for achieving this goal of his life.

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