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“The translations in this book from Intizar Sahib’s huge volume of works include just 16 short stories and 11 essays and columns to provide the English reading audience a flavour of his indelible writings. I have taken the liberty of translating and including in this book an article entitled “JUSTAJOO KYA HAI” (What is search) written and published in a book entitled “GUMSHUDA YADOON KI WAPSI” (Return of the lost memories) by Kishwar Naheed. It is the tale of two days she spent reviewing Intizar Sahib’s auto-biography entitled “JUSTAJOO KYA HAI” (What is search) whilst encamped in his house under his supervision. The short stories have been selected to reflect the range of Intizar Sahib’s skill and scope of writing. The selection is entirely the translator’s own choice and if any of his major stories have not been selected it is entirely the translator’s fault.”

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