The Treasures Forgotten

The other day I randomly picked out a book and started reading it. It was one of Bano Qudsia’s plays and it was a pleasant surprise. She had written about issues of psychology, self-pity, love and relationships, and I was surprised because I hadn’t expected to find such issues addressed in a book of Urdu literature. It made me realize that so many of us (including yours truly) have started looking towards others when we want to learn something about these issues. Don’t get me wrong, as I do believe in getting knowledge from whichever source possible. However, what really bothered me is that in the process some of us might have forgotten the treasures of our own culture and heritage.

It is in that spirit that this blog is being launched. The hope is to not only learn from others, but to also remind ourselves of our own treasures. On this note here’s one of the gems that I recently came across from Gulistaan-e-Saadi,